Hi, I'm Arindam!

I am a late bloomer! So after a decade and half in journalism I gathered the wits and wisdom to embark on a new journey; begin a new venture.

It was time, I seized the day. And thus Carpe Diem happened. It is a boutique PR and Branding agency that not only gives personal attention to clients but has done away with straight-jacketing, stereotypes and conventions. In the absurdity of thoughts it has scaled greater heights.

As for me I am still a full time dreamer, part-time story teller and an occasional author! Though among other things I am currently working on two books. An academic and another a non-fiction. I write blogs as you will find here. But I need to do it more frequently I guess.

Just for the record – I also teach. Despite my notorious mood swings and low patience level my students love me. They come full house. I wonder how. Why. But more on that another day!

You can contact me here, on FB, by mail or through carrier pigeons…

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