Farewell to you all

Yellow butterflies on pink violets
Charcoal prints of supple fingers on old walls
Long balcony, broken panes, pitter-pattering rain
Farewell mother’s lap, father’s shoulders
Farewell the first toddling
Farewell to you red lips

Adieu to you all
My first A B C…Broken slate, three chalks, one red,
Jack, Jill and Peter, black sheep and spidy
White bip, a spoon of honey lullaby
Adieu my first crayon, mud house
Adieu my little boat that i sailed in the gushing lane
Adieu the dark night of ghosts, goblins and princess

Goodbye to you all
Grey clouds on blue skies,
Sunset and sunrise,
Rippling river, simmering waves, gentle breeze
Goodbye the first colours of spring
Goodbye my first class room,
Goodbye Mrs Charles, Mary and D’Souza

Sciao to you all
My first school cap, sweaty gloves and boots
Catecism classes and debates
Assembly and chorus
Sciao jana gana mana
Sciao all the way to heaven
Sciao my singing sir, first crush and rose

Agur to you all
Board exams and college
Love and Love lost mostly, some gained
Grass, cigarettes and broken bottles
Agur to the brawls with friends
Agur my first prize on a college podium
Agur craetivity, inspiration and feeling the high

Massalama to you all
The pale pillars of darbhanga
Damp walls, broken benches, intellectuality
Coffee House, smoke screen and revolutions in tea cups
Massalama to the riots of religion
Massalama to the books in College Street
Massalama to all that reeks of myself and being mine

So Bidai to you all
To my room, thoughts treasured and names etched in corners
To my blue blossoms
To the universe, meteors and all heavenly bodies
Bidai to the million volcanoes and tremors deep in my heart
Bidai all that I ever dreamt of
Bidai to life itself…

….For I severed my chord with you at the last stop
So farewell, massalama, bidai last stop of life

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