“Gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don’t share power with mankind. I want to share power, but I want my cut”…Lex Luthor.

I wonder…how difficult is it for Superman to cry? So what if he is superman… still like teeming millions of us he has to bare his heart to this heartless world and face his nemesis at uncertain bends and turns…if only we could see his tears roll down the cheeks, pause a while on the chisel of the chin and then plop into the ground. Its easy yet its so difficult…to cry and yet be the man.

I was seeing Superman on his return from Krypton (his planet)…and saw him changed…the man of steel had a heart of wax…it melted and burnt with such wonderful grace and radiated a warmth that made his heat rays go pale….the supermen are so fragile and so vulnerable….so human and so moist.

Lex Luthor managed to locate Superman’s Fortress of Solitude (a secret cavern in the Arctic tundra which is the repository of Kryptonian knowledge and technology). Jor-El (superman’s father) teaches the power of crystals to Luthor through a timeless art of magic. Using this Kryptonian technology, Luthor plans to seed entire continents on earth, destroying pre-existing landmasses in the process.

Like every other…superman again saves……Like every other supermen who try everyday to save their jobs, career, family, hearts and the matters of hearts…. Superman faltered and failed as a Kryptonian knife was jagged into his ribs….but he came up from ashes to save the earth and the malady of his heart.

If only we had the heart to lose everything at the pitch and toss of a coin and not mention a word about it, be spoken about and not speak about them, see everything we worked for all these years cave in and be lost in the abyss of time without a hint of them being ever with us…..If only we could wait for a lifetime and not be tired of waiting, run on forever filling every step with worth the distance and built a castle of dreams only to see it broken and work with broken tools and a sick heart all over again…..what supermen we could be.

And most importantly if we can cry….like him…saw his eyes fill as he took his love Lois Lane on a tour of the sky…a god in red cape…sharing his powers with all around….I saw him cry…the water though did not pour out of his eyes….it filled his heart, ebbed and flowed about like a sea of emotions rocking against the sinews of steel…he flew in air….Was that Superman crying or was it an illusion….just as I did when I felt our fingers part ways….I took a tour of the universe with hurricane in my heart…as I let her go….like the first breeze of spring, like the first rays of sunlight, like the soft touch of the mulberry bush …is love forever like a butterfly that flies away in all its beauty?

So I let you go like a superman…and like a butterfly you went….Now I am left to spin an endless uncut reel of stories about you, your presence and even your absence…like a butterfly you fly by my side and I fly like a superman…someday I will run out of words and then what will remain is the Kryptonian grave where I have to lie…wrapped in red cape…like a god so un-sharing, like a superman so human….(PS: THIS WAS WRITTEN SOMETIME BACK…WHEN I SAT LAST NIGHT I WANTED TO MAKE SOME CHANGES…BUT AS A THEME NOTHING HAS CHANGED)

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