Magic setting, pyrotechnics, psychedelic lights, baritone from medieval pundits,flaming flowers of Varun Bahl and bold gold of A&T set the tone for the opening day Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour, Kolkata leg. If Varun Bahl thrilled with his mosaic on floral patterns, ace designer-duo Abraham & Thakore brought to fore the urban woman.

As the models sashayed on the ramp the rich intricacy of floral patterns came alive to the background of blooming roses and blossoming violets. “I want the flowers to come alive. They do come alive. I love florals. People ask me why do I use flowers always … but that gives me immense satisfaction and as long as you are satisfied nothing else matters,” Varun later told Khocha.

As the music filled the room one could see the rich colours and vibrant shades fill up the ramp as the ladies in gowns, trousers and skirts fluttered about like butterflies lost in the affluent intricacies of floral designs. “One of my biggest strength is colours. I understand colours very well. And I balance them very well and use unusual combinations. This has worked for me,” he said.

Varun Bahl, who launched his label in 2001, showcased what was in prime revisiting his experiences of the last 10 years. The collection was inspired mostly by Indian artwork with dollops of western influence. The burlesque presence of floral patterns was set against a lot of net, thick crape and georgette. “My design is both progressive and classy. I have experimented with colours like black, white, grey, pale blue, pink and red,” said the ace designer.

The day ended with Abraham & Thakore. The duo named their theme Urban Safari. The collection is ispired by the modern woman—vibrant, strong and determined. The colour palate included gold, cream and ivory set against black and white. Lesser number of colours and fewer accessories make the collection classy and free-spirited in its austerity of flamboyance.

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