The Battle of Brisbane ended up being Battle Bogus after Manny Pacquiao was robbed of his WBO Welterweight Title by an unknown Aussie native Jeff Horn with no skills in boxing and a corny nickname Hornet.

This was supposed to be a battle to remember. On one side was Manny, the legendary boxer from Philippines who has held 11 world titles across 9 divisions, and on the other side a school teacher turned boxer who was still taking baby steps into the ring.


But the battle that Manny won according to the cards; the rounds that went to the champion, was handed over to Horn by the three judges. Were they watching the same fight as I was over television or had they turned on to some other channel, I wonder because Manny landed 90 more punches and had the fight stopped in the 9th round when he had changed the geography of the right side of Horn’s face.

I hear that two of the judges were from The USA and one from Argentina. Really. When will WBA stop giving away trophies to hommies. This was bad business for world boxing. The twitter has broken free trolling Horn and praising Pacquiao for being so gracious.

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At 38, Pacquiao looked a step slower at times and yes a shadow of his once great self despite entering the fight firmly entrenched on most pound-for-pound lists. But the Filipino senator, no stranger to wildly disputed defeats following his 2012 loss to Timothy Bradley Jr., was incredibly gracious in defeat.

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After the fight Manny said: “I had him in the 9th. He is tough a good fighter. But I will respect the judge’s decision. I have nothing to say on whether I am the winner, but I want my rematch…soon.”

And Horn in his thank you speech could not even say once “Yes I won…I defeated Manny” instead in an ESPN interview he says “I am being bullied…”

Horn did come out as an aggressor. He was bigger heavier and he kept mauling Manny throughout the 12 rounds. He even landed a few good punches and did more damage with his head butts than his boxing skills. As he swung wildly, Manny took him to task tattooing him all over, tagging him on the right side of his face so bad that he had his eyes shut out, showing him what boxing is and giving him a lesson on tying the laces inside the ring.

There were very two different competitors in the ring. One with rugby skills inside a rugby stadium and another a refined boxing bred Matador taming the bull by its horns.

Horn was young adventurous and wild. He kept on when his body failed and feet gave away. But you don’t give a trophy for being brave. He added to the shock when he called out Floyd Mayweather, making a joke out of himself.

Horn may be blowing his trumpets for now, but believe me boxers like Garcia are waiting to put him to sleep, if by some miracle he escapes the ‘Eye of the Tiger’.

But lightning does not strike the same place twice!

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