• Music maker

    Dhasu script, rapchik dialogues, jhakaas acting…bole to sau pratisadh paisa wasool.

    I would not describe Gully Boy any other way than this. For no other lingo will quite fit in to describe this intensely private journey into the world of music, hip-hop and rebel. Loosely based though on the lives of Naezy (Naved Sheik) and Divine (Vivian Fernandez), this fictional biopic takes us on an intense, honest and uncut tour of Mumbai underbelly where rapping springs like wild berries. Continue reading Music maker

  • Regent Regency

    Yesterday was our marriage anniversary. My wife and myself decided to see the first show of Shahjahan Regency at Inox South City. This already shows our faith and positive bias towards Srijit Mukherjee. I have known Srijit through occasional hi-hellos in social circles. Never had a chance to talk to him properly. Largely because I was a visitor in this world of cinema being a sports journalist and then running a PR and branding firm that had never worked with him. And also somewhat due to my reticent nature. Continue reading Regent Regency

  • Red for rebels

    I am an Indian to the core. But today when I saw the 11 red caps walk out in Bangalore to the desolation of the stands, I stood up at the hotel room I was couped in, in another part of the country and clapped. I was joining the celebrations of a country broken by dogma, torn apart by war, ravaged by radicalism and still had enough courage left to find their way back to life. Fragile, but there was hope today! Continue reading Red for rebels